Fully Sara is your guide to building your most authentic life.

Go from checking boxes and waiting for the next milestone to a life where each day feels full, satisfying, and authentic.

Authentic living

Show up as you, in every area of your life. Practical tactics to step into your most authentic life

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Tactical tools to become the ethical and effective leader that the world needs. 


Being a more connected human means taking care of our planet. Every small step counts.

Success is becoming our truest selves.




Hi, I’m Sara


I help people step into their most authentic lives. 

I believe that our number-one mission in life is to become the truest version of ourselves. 

When we come home to ourselves, we become more connected, purposeful, and fulfilled. We unlearn all the ways that the world taught us to be in order to fit in or be “successful” and embrace all parts of ourselves. This allows us to live full, whole lives, and contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

This journey to becoming a more authentic me, is what guided me from leading tech-innovation in Silicon Valley to the work I do today as a writer, podcaster, video producer, and mindfulness guide.


Fully Sara About me

I believe that most of the world’s problems – from our own individual anxiety, to our collective societal failures – are a result of disconnecting from our true nature. 

That the key to overcoming these issues and creating our own best lives, is beginning to show up as our most authentic selves, in ALL areas of our lives. 

I didn’t always feel this way.  Most of my 20s were spent chasing success. I worked in Silicon Valley, growing startups, big and small, and teaching communication workshops in my free time. It was fast paced, it was exciting, but it was mostly reactive. I capitalized on one opportunity after another to excel. The feeling of achievement was addictive, but the wear-and-tear on my mental and physical health was apparent. I continued to barrel ahead until a series of medical events forced me to slow down and check in on myself. During this mandatory shut down, I shifted my focus to my relationship with myself. I worked on self-acceptance, care, and trust through the practice of eastern and western techniques. It took time, but eventually, I was finally beginning to feel as fulfilled and happy as I had ever been.

Suddenly, it became clear to me. Things needed to be done differently, at all levels, in order to solve some of the most rampant issues of depression, anxiety, lack of fulfillment, inequality, and toxic work culture. Even though I was happy individually, it wasn’t enough. I could no longer put my energy into projects that didn’t directly work to solve these issues. I made the decision to leave my career in tech in order to explore and forge a new path.

Many of us feel stuck because, early on, we learn to suppress parts of ourselves in order to fit in and get ahead. There comes a point where those skills are no longer supporting us as much as they are holding us back. When we repress ourselves long enough, we begin to lose touch with who we are – our true nature. This creates a feeling of disconnect that leads us to feel isolated, depressed, and anxious.

It’s why, even though everything looks good on paper, and you have enough money in your bank account, something still feels off. 

At the surface, this may look like another story meant to motivate you to ditch your 9-5. And if you asked me a year ago, that’s probably what I would have encouraged you to do. I was so fed up with the culture that I was in, that I couldn’t stomach the idea of doing anything but leaving it behind. In reality, skipping out doesn’t solve anything. It doesn’t do anything to change the culture, and moreover, leaving doesn’t magically solve any of the internal struggles you are facing. It’s a flawed and short-term fix.

The real solution starts with getting in touch with our most authentic selves. Anyone can do this work. You don’t have to leave your job. You don’t have to buy a flight to Bali. You don’t have to excuse yourself from society. There are so many things that you can start to do today that will begin to bring you closer to yourself, and ultimately, your most fulfilling life.

Rather than forcing yourself to transform overnight, you can begin to take small but mighty steps to build the self-awareness and trust necessary to allow your own path to naturally unfold.

Fully Sara is here to support and inspire you on your unique path to authenticity. The pages are full of actionable ways to begin the process of unlearning who we have been conditioned to be and to create a life that feels authentic, fulfilling, and full of joy.

You are already the person you dream of becoming.

It’s time to let yourself free. 

In the meanwhile, I’ll be here, behind the scenes, studying, having conversations, doing the work, and sharing it with you all. Don’t hesitate to reach out and say hi.


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