Hi, I’m Sara and I am a woman living her Dream Life. 

I love helping people step into their greatness, facilitating transformational experiences, cultivating my personal growth, and making a huge impact in people’s lives. 

And that’s just my professional life! Creating a dream life means prioritizing what matters most in all areas of life. For me that’s spending time with my partner and our dog in sunny Morgan Hill, California, where we live, time with friends and family, traveling to my favorite places around the world, long runs in the countryside, cultivating my artistic passions, making healthy and decadent meals, growing vegetables in my garden, dancing, and deep connection (to name a few).

My life wasn’t always so vibrant. Before I stepped into my Dream Life, I was living in a very different world. From the outside, everything looked great. I had a high-paying and sought-after job in tech, a long-term relationship, a great apartment in San Francisco, and I regularly traveled internationally. 

The face that my life was “great-on-paper” made it difficult to face the growing feeling inside that the life I was living wasn’t what my soul wanted. It wasn’t until I faced burnout that I started to make some big changes. I’m so grateful that I did because that turning point paved the beautiful (not to mention long and sometimes painful) road that led me to the life that I am so fortunate to live today.

My own journey to real freedom and fulfillment, inspires me to help others create their own dream lives (with more support and a few less potholes than my own path). As a coach, I help people gain clarity, build their self trust and intuition, and create a vibrant and passionate life that fulfills their soul.

Living your most vibrant and inspired life is one of the most beautiful ways to make an impact on the world.


My influences

My influences include mindfulness-based studies, eastern philosophy, western and holistic psychology, and modern-day neuroscience. I approach everything with curiosity and compassion and I invite my clients to do the same. This opens up new roadways, insights, and creative opportunities that help them to get unstuck.

Connection is such an important part of the human experience especially during times of immense growth, which is why I cultivate nourishing spaces for my clients to be in community with one another. Currently, I am studying under Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach for the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley Mindfulness Teacher Certification and in Alyssa Nobriga’s Institute of Coaching Mastery, for my Certificate in Coaching Mastery.

My clients

I work with women who are ready to make big change.If you resonate with any of the following, you might be a good candidate to work with me.

  • If you’re feeling stuck
  • If you feel out of alignment in your work or personal life
  • If you’re ready to make change and be held accountable
  • If you are struggling with self-doubt around a new venture or transition
  • If you’ve already tried a lot of things but you aren’t seeing the effects in your day-to-day life
  • If you’ve made changes in your life before that didn’t last or left you feeling unsatisfied
  • If you want to show up to be more authentic, effective, and mindful in your life and business
  • If you are ready to take full ownership over your most passionate and vibrant life

How to work with me

Create Your Dream Life program re-opens in June, 2021. Join my email list below to be first to know when the waitlist opens. 

If you are interested in hiring me to speak or lead a workshop, or if you have a creative idea on how we can collaborate, send me an email at [email protected]ullysara.com with details about your project.

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